Attendees leave Jack's workshops as more persuasive and effective communicators.

The training workshops described on this page can be delivered “off the shelf” immediately or can be tailored to any specific issues. Jack’s customized approach provides the right blend of modules and workshops to achieve the best results.

> The Persuasive Executive
> Strategic Sales Presentations
> Practical Eloquence
> Persuasive Communication Skills
> Lean Communication
> Personalized Coaching


When you view communication as a process, lean principles can be used to add value to your end customer with minimum waste.

LC graduates learn how to:

  • Add value – Focus on needs and wants
  • Eliminate waste – Eliminate clutter, confusion and time
  • Organize – Prepare and organize your thoughts
  • Make work visible – Surface your arguments
  • Be responsive – Apply “just in time” communication

The Persuasive Executive

Your “leadership moment”…the all-important presentation to your own senior executives which will determine the success of your project and the trajectory of your career. Are you ready for it?

The Persuasive Executive focuses on internal presentations to senior level managers. It is recommended for anyone who needs to get critical proposals approved internally or who wants to enhance their personal credibility as an aid to career success.

The Persuasive Executive graduates learn how to:

  • Adapt their content and style to the information-processing and decision-making preferences of senior executives
  • Craft a compelling and memorable theme
  • Concisely make their business case
  • Design PowerPoint presentations that clarify and inform
  • Enhance their executive presence
  • Anticipate lines of questioning
  • Think on their feet to gain added credibility

Strategic Sales Presentations

Exceptional salespeople know the fastest way to close complex deals is to win over senior level decision makers with compelling business value propositions.
Strategic Sales Presentations begins with the same fundamental challenge of crafting and delivering a compelling “pitch,” but adds two additional skills: how to express the value of your solution and how to appeal to the decision styles of senior executives.

SSP graduates learn how to:

  • Analyze their customer to identify their most pressing needs
  • Craft a compelling and memorable value proposition
  • Structure their pitch for clarity and power
  • Adapt their content and style to the information-processing and decision-making preferences of senior executives
  • Confidently manage the Q&A, and deal effectively with objections
  • Get the customer involved in the presentation of the solution

Download: Strategic Sales Presentations Full Course Description

Practical Eloquence

You’re already a leader, but do you sound like one? This is the ultimate course for experienced speakers who want to lift their game to the inspirational, engaging and memorable.

Practical Eloquence focuses on public speaking and presentations for senior level managers. It is recommended for anyone at a senior level who is charged with spreading critical corporate messages to key stakeholders, including customers, industry peers, shareholders and employees.

PE graduates learn how to:

  • Analyze their audience to determine their most effective approach
  • Craft a compelling and memorable theme
  • Structure their speech for clarity and power
  • Speak naturally from the podium or stage in front of large audiences
  • Confidently manage the Q&A, even with a hostile audience
  • Apply scientific principles to design memorable presentations

Practical Eloquence is recommended for director level and above.

Persuasive Communication Skills

Regardless of our position, most of us can use a little more influence in our lives and in our organizations.  Persuasive Communication helps knowledge workers exert influence even when they don’t have formal authority and helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conversations and meetings.

PC graduates learn how to:

  • Improve their active listening skills
  • Adapt their personal communication style to that of the listener
  • Ask questions to clarify communications and for persuasive effect
  • Speak credibly and concisely, individually and in groups
  • Structure and deliver credible and compelling presentations
  • Manage interpersonal conflict successfully


Whether you need a personalized program to develop your personal communications skills or one-off advice for a specific presentation or communications issue, Jack is available for in-person or telephone coaching.