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Lean Communication for Sales

Aug 17,2016 / Lean Communication, Sales, Uncategorized

Would your prospects and customers pay to talk to you? The only way that’s likely to happen is if they …

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man drawing maze

Bad Simplicity, Complexity, Good Simplicity

Jul 28,2016 / Clear thinking, Lean Communication

The best way to add value and reduce waste in communication is to provide your audience with “simplicity on the …

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Can they see what you're driving at?

Transparency Is a Fundamental Key to Lean Communication

Jul 21,2016 / Lean Communication

Taiichi Ohno, a founding father of lean thinking, said, “Eliminating waste is not the problem. Identifying it is.” Although he …

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Hand with marker writing the word Learn a New Language

You Get Sent to Who You Sound Like

Jul 12,2016 / Sales

Are you planning an overseas vacation this summer? If so, have you picked up a phrase book to learn a …

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sales manager survival guide

Book Recommendation: Sales Manager Survival Guide

Jun 28,2016 / Book reviews, Sales Books

Imagine that you’ve just been named a first-line sales manager. You’re proud, you’re excited, and you’re about to be overwhelmed …

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Red numbers on white

The Persuasive Power of Numbers and Detail

Jun 27,2016 / Expression, Lean Communication, Persuasive communication

Gauging from what’s happening in politics this season, fact-based persuasion has gone woefully out of style. And it’s not just …

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