Clear Thinking, Persuasively Communicated


To be relevant in today’s knowledge economy,
both the message and the messenger need to be heard and understood.

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Increase Your Personal Influence


Personal influence is without question one of
most vital assets for executive success.

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Get Better Results!


Jack Malcolm provides the tools to help you effectively
communicate ideas and gain influence with each other.


The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively is a vital skill for individuals and organizations striving to stand out in a world of severe information overload.

If you want to be relevant in today’s knowledge economy, both you and your message must be heard, understood, and acted on.

Your personal influence is without question one of your most vital assets for executive success, and its importance only grows as you rise through the ranks. But influence is not automatically bestowed by position or seniority; you have to earn it and constantly cultivate it through clear and compelling communication.

» Do you or your people have the skills to stand out and persuade?

Increase Your Influence

You don’t need the title to be a leader when you have impeccable personal credibility. “Punch above your weight,” and collaborate across the enterprise.

Get Better Results

Think “outside-in”: get what you want by helping others get what they want.

Clarify Your Message

Improve and organize your own thinking and expression for efficient communication.

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hear what they're saying

“I can say with complete sincerity that Jack Malcolm has played a major role in my success. Early in my career Jack worked closely with me to help me with my presentation and communication skills, and has continued to coach me for the last 20 years. No matter how much I’ve improved, Jack has been there to help me get just a little bit better. I have referred a number of my associates and clients to Jack because he is without question one of the most talented presentation and communication experts in the world.”


One of the top 100 business thought leader in America, top 100 small business influencer in America and top 500 leadership development experts in the world

Jack was hired to create a polished corporate identity for me. I have been thrilled about the entire process, and he has done a phenomenal job. He was fast to deliver new ideas and is always challenging me to find a higher version of myself professionally. Jack truly is a “sculptor of eager executives” with attention to detail, and is very understanding of our individual needs related to overall corporate strategies. I am actively engaged on a weekly basis with Jack, and I can with no doubt give him my highest recommendation.

Howard Wright

AVP Business Development Intel Corporation
Chairman of the Board, Pro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center

I have worked with Jack for more than 22 years during which time my career has crossed five different companies. In each instance, Jack has made a material and measurable difference in the performance and results my teams have delivered.  I’m delighted to be working with him again on a unique project to take the entire GlobalFoundries management team through coursework and individual coaching that focuses on efficient and effective communications.

Bill Davidson

Chief Administrative Officer GlobalFoundries 


To be relevant in today’s knowledge economy, both the message and the messenger need to be heard and understood. This is why personal influence is without question one of most vital assets for executive success, but it’s not automatically bestowed by position or seniority; it must be earned and constantly nurtured through clear and convincing communication