Start Early: Put Your Whole Mind into It

Jan 30,2018 / Presentations

If you want to do your best possible work on an important presentation, start early. Don’t wait until the last …

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Jan 23,2018 / Success

In the book, Treating People Well, there’s a story about the time in 1955 when Dwight Eisenhower was scheduled to …

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Quotations: Strong Medicine If Used Properly

Jan 18,2018 / Expression, Presentations

One of the best ways to add power and sparkle to your speech is to use an apt quotation. As …

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Exclusive Interview: Mark Twain on Practical Eloquence

Jan 16,2018 / Persuasive communication, Presentations

It’s rare to score an interview with Mark Twain these days, mainly because he has been dead for over 100 …

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Selling Process Improvements

Jan 11,2018 / Sales

If you follow college football, you were treated to a thrilling championship game this week in which the University of …

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Sales Conversations that Flow: The Art of NOT Asking Questions

Jan 9,2018 / Listening skills, Questioning skills, Sales

I love sales questions. In my training classes, I urge B2B salespeople to ask more questions, and I teach them …

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