challenger customer

The Challenger Customer

Sep 30,2015 / Book reviews, Sales Books

The folks at CEB have done it again—written a book that challenges traditional thinking about B2B sales and introduced a …

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Path of Least Resistance Words Saying Quote Bulletin Board

User-friendly Language Part 3: Friction

Sep 22,2015 / Lean Communication

In this three-part series on user-friendly language, we’ve seen how we make it too hard for listeners to understand us, …

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Entertainment concert lighting

User-friendly Language Part 2: Clear the FOG

Sep 17,2015 / Lean Communication

Have you ever come out of a meeting or presentation, and realized that you had trouble putting into words exactly …

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Remind you of a recent meeting?

Lean Communication: User-friendly language – Part 1

Sep 9,2015 / Lean Communication

Why does the New York Times write at a 10th grade reading level when the majority of its readers are …

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Do better clouds word on sky over clouds.

Do It Better

Sep 1,2015 / Success

In my last post, I told of a speech I gave to a room full of competitors in a StartUp …

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If you build it, will they come?

A Myth, a Mindset and a Mantra for Entrepreneurs

Aug 25,2015 / Persuasive communication, Sales

Last week, I was privileged to be asked to speak to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on a 10-week …

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