Public Speaking and the State of American Democracy

Feb 3,2016 / Persuasive communication, Presentations

I’ve been very worried about the state of American democracy recently. I see the general quality of the candidates for …

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Business notes

Too Good to Plan?

Feb 1,2016 / Sales

Good salespeople are very confident of their skills and treasure their independence, so it’s natural that many of them resist …

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Guaranteed not to make a mistake

Too Good for your Own Good?

Jan 29,2016 / Expression, Persuasive communication, Presentations

Last week, my church brought in a guest pastor from out of state who delivered a technically perfect sermon. Her …

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STANDARD word cloud, business concept

Lean Communication: Standard Work

Jan 26,2016 / Lean Communication

In lean manufacturing, standard work means documenting the best practices of how the work gets done to establish a baseline …

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Some things are worth repeating

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Jan 21,2016 / Expression, Lean Communication

In its purest form, lean communication is about making every word count, so in that sense repetition is just a …

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Clock background, vector

What’s Just One Second Worth to You?

Jan 19,2016 / Success

What’s One Second Worth to You? Kipling said that if you could fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth …

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