Dont Blame the Audience for Not Listening

Nov 10,2017 / Presentations

I just read an article on LinkedIn in which the author blamed the audience for their poor etiquette in talking …

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Turning Talk into Action

Oct 24,2017 / Presentations

One of the most important sources of waste in communication is the gap between the words and actions, between agreeing …

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When You Lose

Oct 20,2017 / Success

This week, I spoke to the City’s Planning and Zoning Board against a proposed development. It was a five hour …

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Great Speakers Are Self-Aware but not Self-Conscious

Oct 17,2017 / Presentations

Great speakers are self-aware but not self-conscious. What‘s the difference and why does it matter? Self-awareness is the ability to …

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What You Can Learn about People from Self-Critiques

Oct 10,2017 / Presentations

When I run my presentations workshops, I always begin the post-presentation coaching session by asking the presenter for their own …

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What Do Followers Need to Hear From Their Leaders?

Aug 21,2017 / Leadership Communication

Any leader who wants to  be an inspiring communicator should first heed the words of Ronald Reagan, who said, “I …

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