It’s Essential that You Read this Book

May 18,2016 / Book reviews, Success Books

Since I’ve begun writing about and training others in lean communication, I tend to see more and more around me …

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Thank God for Tough Competitors

Apr 27,2016 / Uncategorized

Recently, I had the privilege of working with the global sales team of a large manufacturing company based in California. …

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Lean Communication for Sales: Pull

Apr 11,2016 / Uncategorized

Any salesperson has had this experience: a prospect or existing customer ignores your efforts to engage for months, and then …

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Required reading for sales professionals

Are You REALLY Reading Your Customers’ Annual Reports?

Apr 6,2016 / Sales

It’s that time of year again. Spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of financial disclosure—specifically your customers’ …

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"That's okay I don't know what the chart means either."

Lean Communication for Sales: Clarity

Apr 4,2016 / Lean Communication, Sales

To clarify why clarity is important in selling, let’s go back to the purpose of lean communication: to improve the …

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BeyondSalesProcess-Final Cover Art

Book Recommendation: Beyond the Sales Process

Apr 1,2016 / Book reviews, Sales Books

Beyond the Sales Process, by Dave Stein and Steve Andersen, is my kind of book, because it takes a big …

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