Book Recommendation: The Perfect Close

Oct 11,2016 / Book reviews, Sales Books

I don’t like to make predictions, especially about the future, but I predict that James Muir is a name you …

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Lean Communication Applied to Writing

Sep 21,2016 / Expression, Lean Communication

Your time is more valuable than mine, so I’ll get right to the point: I recommend that you read Writing …

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High-Profit Prospecting

Sep 19,2016 / Sales Books

Do we need another book on prospecting? As a seasoned (i.e. old) sales professional, I have to admit that’s what …

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Senior gentleman holding a rotten fish isolated on white background

When Sales Cultures Go Bad

Sep 13,2016 / Sales

Wells Fargo Bank has given sales culture a bad name. As someone who believes in the worth of the sales …

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sales guide cover

Where the Ground Truth Lives

Sep 5,2016 / Book reviews, Sales Books

Anthony Iannarino’s career has combined the pharmacy viagra price best traits of a salesperson, teacher and cialis sales writer, so it’s no wonder that his …

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For Sale[1]

Lean Communication for Sales

Aug 17,2016 / Lean Communication, Sales, Uncategorized

Would your prospects and customers pay to talk to you? The only way that’s likely to happen is if they …

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