Strategic Sales Presentations


When your big moment comes, will you be ready?

Every sales professional faces those times that define them and their success. Strategic sales presentations—those delivered to high level decision makers at the crucial time in the sales process—are the most highly leveraged activities in sales. Strategic Sales Presentations will put you in the best possible position to win.

Strategic Sales Presentations covers three essential topics:

Plan and position: Chapters 1-4 focus on strategy, which is the art of putting yourself in the best position to succeed before you show up for the presentation. You will learn how to shape the conditions for success by understanding the minds and needs of your audience and by working with your customers’ decision processes.

Craft your presentation: In Chapters 5-10, you will learn how to turn superior thinking into a memorable message. You will follow a six-step method to choose a powerful, resonating value message, backed by solid and compelling content, which will gain attention and move your audience to action.

Stand and deliver: Chapters 11-16 are about being the best possible presenter you can be when the moment comes. From rehearsal to harnessing the inevitable nerves to projecting authentic credibility and presence, the techniques in this section will ensure outstanding performance.

What makes Strategic Sales Presentations different?

As Dave Stein, CEO of ES Research Group, the leading authority on sales performance improvement companies, put it:

“Do you want to learn, step-by-step, how to design, build and deliver compelling strategic sales presentations that will achieve your objectives with senior executives? This is where you need to start…and finish. It’s the most comprehensive, direct and insightful book on the subject that I’ve read.”

Strategic Sales Presentations will show you how to say the right things, to the right people, in the right way, every time!
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