Is Poor Service the Sign of An Improving Economy?

I told my wife last night that we must be walking around with “kick me” signs on our backs. In the past 48 hours, we’ve been subject to several instances of poor customer service:

  • The night before last, we went to a local shop to buy some Pandora charms for her birthday. Although the store in the mall has a larger selection, we wanted to give the neighborhood store some business. After being first ignored, then treated condescendingly, and finally insulted, we walked out.
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“I Just Like Talking to People”

Usually I write a post and then try to select an image that fits, but in this post the image came first and the idea for the article came second.

It was taken yesterday evening at about 6pm on a flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale by my seatmate, Stan. We had been chatting for about an hour, almost from the time we boarded.

That’s actually an unusual activity for me on planes. In fact, the only reason I had opened a conversation with Stan is that he was sitting in the wrong seat and I had to ask him to move. Like most of my fellow passengers, I wall myself off from human contact with noise-cancelling headphones, a book, or an electronic device. After a full day of talking to my audience, it’s kind of nice to just pull back into myself like an exhausted turtle.

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Consultative Selling by Mack Hanan: The Most Influential Sales Book Ever

Why am I writing a recommendation for a book that was first published in forty years ago?

First, because I believe it is the most influential sales book ever written, certainly for me personally and probably to the rest of the selling world, as you can see from the chart below. Last Friday, the New York Times ran an article about Google’s new tool which lets you graph the frequency of phrases in 5.2 million digitized books published between 1500 and 2008. I had been thinking about Mack Hanan that morning, and decided to compare several common phrases used in selling. Here’s the result:

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Please Take Time to Thank Someone Today

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. Epictetus

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I want to honor the true spirit of the holiday by taking the time out to list some of the many things I am thankful for.

On a business and professional level:

Customers: It all begins here. I am thankful for the customers I’ve served this year, especially the people within these companies who make it a pleasure to work with them. Fonterra (Alex), Origio Mid-Atlantic Devices (Mike), Qualcomm (Bill, Ruth, Terie), Ricoh (Barry), Verizon Wireless (Dan).

Friends and network contacts, especially old friends I’ve reconnected with, and new friends who exchange ideas and encouragement. (Andy, Luke, Pernilla)

Teachers and mentors: There’s no way I could have figured out how to launch this blog without “Spensei”, Dave Brock, or Tony DiFranco.

People who read my blog, especially those comment thoughtfully (Brian). I hope to keep making it worth your time, and will always listen very carefully to what you have to say. If I’m not always smart enough to agree, that’s my fault, not yours.

People in my classes who are eager to learn. You make teaching and training fulfilling and more than just a job.

On a personal level:

My country. It’s fashionable to talk about how our country is in decline, but I’ve been around long enough to have heard it all before; it wasn’t true then and isn’t true now. I don’t write this to slight my international friends: in my travels I’ve met many people from other lands who are just as justifiably proud of their heritage.

Our armed forces, who sacrifice, sweat and bleed so that the rest of us can enjoy a day of plenty, surrounded by loved ones, in complete safety.

The freedom to speak my mind, to be wrong, to publish an opinion without having to worry about a midnight visit from the police.

My family: Lisa, Andrew and Mackenzie. I’m especially thankful for Mom’s example of courage and grace since Dad passed on.

Good health. It’s so easy to take for granted, until something happens to those close to you. Get well soon, Uncle Jack and Jonathan!

Life’s challenges and annoyances, because they give me a chance to become a better person.

My two rambunctious black dogs—they have a lot of faults but ingratitude is not one of them. They never forget to express gratitude through their tails.

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