Bottom-Line Selling


bottom-line-sellingIt all starts here.

There is a lot of expert advice by the world’s top sales experts about what it takes to be a successful sales professional in this age of well-informed, added buyers. Whether you want to be a challenger, a trusted advisor or a consultant, you need a deep foundation of business acumen to make it work.

The highest form of sales effectiveness is the ability to speak the language of high-level decision makers and connect your offering to measurable business improvements for your customers. Your prospects and customers are too busy to bother with any salesperson who promises to “add value” without an in-depth understanding of their business.

Bottom-Line Selling covers three essential topics:

Understand: The first third of Bottom-Line Selling provides the solid fundamentals of business and financial acumen: how to read and understand your customer’s annual report and financial statements, use the language of finance simply, but correctly, and gauge the health of their business.

Fix: In Chapters 7-12, you will learn how to make meaningful improvements to your customers’ business operations by becoming a “Cash Flow Engineer.” Each chapter provides a different tool to connect your solution to measurable business improvements and align with their key strategic imperatives.

Sell: The final third of the book brings it together, showing you how to express your new-found knowledge and capability and improve the quality and effectiveness of your selling efforts at business-decision-making levels, including talking to the right people, developing financial proposals and conducting effective sales calls.

What makes Bottom-Line Selling different?

You can find a lot of sales books that tell you that you must add value to your customers, and you can also find books that teach financial concepts to non-financial people. Bottom-Line Selling is the only book that enables the first and teaches business and financial acumen specifically from the point of view of direct application to sales.
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