My Favorite Books About Presentations and Speaking

Nov 8,2010 / Book reviews

My Favorite Books on Presentations and Speaking I’m often asked to recommend books on various topics, and as a result …

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Persuasion Without Drama: Process, Positioning and Preparation

Nov 1,2010 / Persuasive communication

We all admire the heroic view of persuasion, where the hero deploys his impeccable reasoning, formidable personality and eloquent words …

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Sales Professionalism: Why Does It Matter?

Oct 27,2010 / Sales

As we’ve seen so far in this series, sales professionals set themselves apart because of what they know, what they care …

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What Sales Professionals Do

Oct 26,2010 / Sales

In two previous posts in this series on sales professionalism, we focused on what sales professionals care about and what …

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What Do Sales Professionals Care About?

Oct 18,2010 / Sales

The first answer to this question is: more than themselves. When you consider all the definitions of professionalism, they all …

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Content is Still King–Long Live the King

Oct 6,2010 / Clear thinking, Presentations

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter …

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