Do You Suffer from Negotiation Fear?

Dec 16,2016 / Sales

My son was in line to pay at a Starbucks coffee shop one time, and observed the following exchange between …

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Gift Book Recommendations That Will Make You Look Smart

Dec 12,2016 / Book reviews, General business books, Uncategorized

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves: sometimes we give gifts to others at least as much to make ourselves look …

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Goals Are Good, Expectations Are Better

Dec 2,2016 / Success, Uncategorized

This Wednesday, I began the day by reading the sports section in the Miami Herald. Then, I went to my …

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Price Signals: Lover’s Glances and Placebos

Nov 4,2016 / Sales

As I wrote in my last blog post, an understanding of the psychology of pricing can help you earn the …

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High-Margin Selling: What You Must Know and How to Learn It

Oct 25,2016 / Sales, Uncategorized

B2B selling is not getting any easier. Competitors are as aggressive as ever, customers are under pressure and are passing …

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Book Recommendation: The Perfect Close

Oct 11,2016 / Book reviews, Sales Books

I don’t like to make predictions, especially about the future, but I predict that James Muir is a name you …

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