Vision, Values and Hypocrisy

Feb 10,2017 / Uncategorized

Let’s start today with a quick test: Which well-known company listed its values as, “Integrity, Communication, Respect, Excellence”? Which well-known …

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How to ACE Your Next Big Project

Feb 8,2017 / Productivity

This post pulls together several separate threads that I’ve experienced over the past few days. First, I’ve been working on …

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There’s A Person on the Other End of that Number

Feb 2,2017 / Sales

Sales targets are a good thing. Challenging goals, coupled with rewards for meeting them, can be enormously powerful in motivating …

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When Does Managing Become Stalking?

Jan 23,2017 / Sales

It’s a commonplace in management that what gets measured gets done, and for the most part I agree with it. …

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Service to the Mission and Outside-In Thinking

Jan 12,2017 / Uncategorized

I had the privilege yesterday of meeting and listening to probably the most energetic Canadian I’ve ever met. Jamie Clark was …

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Book Recommendation: Ask More

Jan 9,2017 / Book reviews, General business books, Questioning skills

If you could think of one change to make in your communication habits that would make you more influential, more …

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