Raising Your Game: From Influencing to Inspiring

Aug 7,2017 / Leadership Communication

Are your communication skills keeping up with your career progression? As you rise through your organization, the purpose and the …

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Communication Lessons from The Mooch

Aug 1,2017 / Uncategorized

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss The Mooch. He packed more communication lessons in a shorter …

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How to Flatter Others Without Being a Complete Suck-Up

Jun 26,2017 / Expression, Persuasive communication

In the last post, we saw that flattery works, even when it is patently obvious to the receiver that you …

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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Jun 19,2017 / Uncategorized

I was initially appalled when I watched the recent cringeworthy video of Donald Trump’s cabinet meeting, where hugely powerful and …

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3 Credibility Lessons from Comey’s Testimony

Jun 8,2017 / Expression

I have to admit to taking off three hours from real work today to watch former FBI Director James Comey …

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Pain or Gain: Your Sales Approach Matters

Jun 6,2017 / Sales

As we saw in our last post, people differ in their approach to motivation: some are more focused on prevention …

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