On Brevity

Aug 10,2010 / Expression, Presentations

Brevity is one of the most critical attributes of practical eloquence, because you’re dealing with ever-shrinking attention spans and the discipline of distilling your message to its essence will greatly clarify your thinking.

Here’s one of the best examples of brief eloquence that I’ve come across.

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Plain Speaking: How Warren Buffett Does It

Aug 10,2010 / Expression

Reading annual reports can be a lot like taking an Ambien on a long flight after a few glasses of wine: if it doesn’t put you to sleep it will definitely befuddle you. That’s why it is so refreshing to read Warren Buffett’s yearly letters. His tremendous knack for candidness, plain speaking, vividness and audience focus is refreshing and instructive.

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Your Leadership Moment

Aug 10,2010 / Leadership Communication, Presentations

Sometimes a lifetime of achievement can be decisively affected by your performance during several crucial minutes.

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