Who Do They Think They Are? How to Make Persuasion Last

Sep 8,2010 / Leadership Communication, Persuasive communication

One of the key themes of Practical Eloquence is that it is far, far better to get people to do …

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Unlocking the Value

Sep 6,2010 / Sales

The next step is to get the right people in the customer’s organization to agree to the value. So, the next two critical selling words are: “HOW MUCH?” And, just as we saw that there are many ways to differentiate when you take a broad look at the offering, we will also see that there are many ways to assign value to these benefits.

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Book Recommendation: Confessions of A Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

Aug 31,2010 / Book reviews, Presentations

I resisted buying Confessions of A Public Speaker because I know how unglamorous the life of a speaker can be, and …

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There Is No Such Thing As a Commodity

Aug 29,2010 / Sales

There is no such thing as a commodity. Whenever I make this statement in a classroom, it’s usually good for …

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Political “Persuasion”

Aug 25,2010 / Persuasive communication

Election season is upon us, so our mailboxes are filled with persuasion attempts. While it’s tempting to just throw them …

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Price Objections: What to Do Before You Sharpen Your Pencil

Aug 18,2010 / Sales

Their message to the buyer should be: “Instead of asking why my price is higher, ask yourself why their price is lower.”

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