It’s All Geek to Me

confused nerdHey, smart guy. Yeah, you in the front of the room who are trying to sell me on your product. Cut out the Geek speak!

I get that your product contains extremely advanced technology. I also get that you know more about the technology than anyone in the room.

But I don’t care.

I don’t care because I can’t understand half of what you’ve said; you’re not speaking my language. I don’t speak Geek; I speak the language of “So What?”

I’m not stupid, and I probably could understand if I wanted to make the effort, but you haven’t told me why I should care. You haven’t told me what problem you’re going to solve for me, or how you’re going to make my life better. In fact, you still haven’t shown me that you know enough about me and my company to be able to tell me.

I don’t care because I can’t quite wrap my mind around those multisyllabic generalities you’re throwing out. What’s it like? How does it relate to something I already know? Make it concrete so I can see what you mean.

And those acronyms you’re throwing around? I have no clue what they mean but I’m definitely not going to embarrass myself by admitting it to you. It’s easier just to tune you out.

I get the fact that you’re passionate about your technology, and I applaud that. But if you love your product so much, do it a favor and tell the world about it in plain English. We don’t all speak Geek

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December 22, 2011
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