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Speaking Resolutions for 2014

checklistWhether you’re a beginning speaker who gets nervous when the audience size exceeds two, or a veteran who makes a living delivering important keynotes, there is always something you can improve, and the new year is an excellent time to take stock and set goals.

If you’re having trouble thinking of New Year’s resolutions, here’s a list of suggestions to get you started:

I will begin preparing earlier.

I will tell more stories.

I will make the customer the hero of my stories.

I will use fewer slides.

I will do at least one important presentation without slides.

I will rehearse my presentations, using video.

I will seek out objective feedback and coaching.

I will join Toastmasters.

I will embrace nerves, and use them as added energy and incentive.

I will seek out more opportunities to speak, especially where I’m uncomfortable.

I will read a book about speaking.

Have a happy and successful 2014!

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  • Thanks, Jeff. I think I owe the “uncomfortable” reference to you. I’m enjoying your book. P.S. what are the books on strategic humor?

  • Great stuff, Jack. I spent 90 minutes in front of a mirror just yesterday. And I’m reading two books about strategic humor. It’s encouraging to me to see someone of your caliber dedicating yourself to greater degrees of excellence!

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