What If Doctors Were More Like Salespeople?

One of the analogies I like to use to position my sales approach is that salespeople should be more like doctors and less like pharmacists when they approach customers. That’s not a slam on pharmacists; the pharmacist may know much more about the actual pill that the doctor prescribes than the doctor does, but you go to the doctor first because they know more about you and your needs, and they take the time to diagnose before they prescribe.

Imagine if the situation were turned around. What if your doctor approached you like so many salespeople approach their prospects? Let’s listen in on that conversation.

“Hello, Mr. Malcolm, thanks for coming in today. I’m Dr. Jones, and I’ve been practicing medicine at this location for the past fifteen years. I went to one of the finest medical schools in the country where I graduated third in my class, and I spend several hours each weekend catching up on the latest medical advances in my field.

“Here’s a file containing dozens of unsolicited testimonials from current and former patients. I’ve healed some hopeless cases, restored sight to more than one blind person, and helped famous athletes resurrect their careers.

“Today is an especially good time for you to be here, because we’ve just received a new shipment of the latest cholesterol drug. For a limited time, we’re selling a year’s worth for the price of six months and if you act today we’ll throw in a month’s worth of Viagra.

“If you see our office manager on the way out, she will arrange easy financing terms for my recommended course of treatment.

“What, you’re not sure you need the treatment? Mr. Malcolm, surely you’re interested in feeling better and prolonging your life span, aren’t you?

“You say your leg is broken? Well, Jack—may I call you Jack?—that’s all the more reason you need our cholesterol drug. You’ll be off your feet for a while and won’t be able to exercise, and studies show that lack of exercise is a leading cause of plaque build-up…

“Wait, Mr. Malcolm, I’ll throw in half-off on cast removal if you’ll buy today.

“Wow, nurse, I never knew a guy on crutches could move so fast!”

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