Is Poor Service the Sign of An Improving Economy?

I told my wife last night that we must be walking around with “kick me” signs on our backs. In the past 48 hours, we’ve been subject to several instances of poor customer service:

  • The night before last, we went to a local shop to buy some Pandora charms for her birthday. Although the store in the mall has a larger selection, we wanted to give the neighborhood store some business. After being first ignored, then treated condescendingly, and finally insulted, we walked out.
  • I called our pool service yesterday because the last person they sent out must have had a family emergency or something the last time they came out, and stopped brushing about ¾ of the way to the shallow end. I suppose I should appreciate the contrasting colors, but my artistic sensibilities don’t go that far. So, someone came out and added chemicals, but I guess another grandmother died because the green line is still there. I called the owner this morning and told him I could keep my pool green for less than what they charge me, so I hope he got the message.
  • This morning, I’m still waiting for the plumber who was scheduled for yesterday to fix the leak which is still there after he came out last week to fix it.
  • This morning, I’m still waiting for my long-time travel agent to call me back (after two days) in regard to the business class ticket to New Zealand for next month. Based on what those cost, it might be a good idea to put my message above those other twenty from people wanting tickets to Atlanta. Just saying…

I try to look at the bright side of everything, so after verifying that nothing is plastered on the back of my shirt, I can only assume that the economy is improving and people are beginning to get cocky again. Some people never learn.

The only message I can give those people is: “Yes, we may be spending again, but not with you.”

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March 2, 2015
  • Martin,

    In many cases you may be right. However, in the case of the surly jewelry saleswoman, my wife called the owner of the store to complain, and she took a more direct route to solving the problem. Apparently it was not the first time, and that woman no longer works there.

  • martin

    Jack, get your point and agree its likely, however root cause may be education and training!

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